Collection Services


Past-due accounts

We collect past-due accounts on a contingency-fee basis. So you can stop wasting time on unprofitable accounts, while controlling upfront costs. You can fax or mail us the necessary information for collection. We also offer pick-up service for volume accounts. Throughout the recovery process, we’ll keep you informed of our progress. And because we work on a contingency-fee basis – we only get paid when you get paid. Plus, you always have the confidence of knowing that your collection problems are in the reliable hands of PDQ Services’ bonded and insured professionals.

Returned checks

Prompt collection of returned checks increases your cash flow. We also include returned check fees in the balanced owed, further benefiting your bottom line. We help you take legal action when necessary. When tenants fail to follow through on payment promises, we can take legal steps to garnish wages and levy bank accounts to ensure payment For accounts that require more effort than normal collections, PDQ Services can use independent attorneys to file lawsuits to seek judgment recovery. We help you review your options and the collectability of the account before filing suit. Then when you authorize the attorney to file suit, we help coordinate communications between you and the attorney, reducing recordkeeping and following up on each case. Prompt, Dependable quality – That’s PDQ Services. Revenue recovery experts for your business.