Criminal Background Checks

Criminal records are available in the same manner that credit reports are available. Each request must include a signed authorization from the prospective tenant. The turnaround time may be a little longer for these reports since we must obtain these through a local police department. Sex offenses if committed are included in the report.

Criminal reports $10.00 each individual

Reports are based on the Georgia Criminal Information Computer and are searched on a name search basis.

Credit Reports

 It always pays to check credit. Credit checks are your first line of defense in protecting your property management investment. PDQ Services can help:
  • Verify applications
  • Check credit worthiness
  • Spot problem applicants before they become deadbeat tenants
  • Identify applicants with a history of bad debts based our extensive database of prior collections
Just get an authorized signature from the consumer then scan adn email your request to PDQ Services at The fee is $10 for a single applicant and $20 for joint married applicants with the same last name. We promise to fax your credit report to you within 24 hours, or it’s free. In most cases, we process and turn around your request within three hours.