Legal Services

Answers and hearing dates for dispossessory cases are forwarded to the property manager or attorney that you prefer to use for these cases. Each property can have different forwarding instructions for handling of hearings. This allows for the property to use an attorney that they prefer. Our system will automatically print a notice of hearing cover sheet to forward along with the Dispossessory claim, answer, and court notice of hearing, to the party responsible for making the appearance. The cover sheet includes the case #, hearing place, date & time, date defendant was served, type of service and attorney info (if an attorney has been assigned to that property). The notice of hearing date and time are included as another note in the PDQ Fax as an additional reminder.

We have several independent attorneys that will represent you in court for very reasonable fees. You can continue to use the attorney that you have been using in the past or we can arrange for a different attorney. We will forward these cases to an attorney at no additional charge to you or the attorney.

We will follow up after the hearing to see what action needs to be taken. In many cases, a Writ of Possession needs to be issued and we will request it as soon as possible. If a consent order is executed, we will follow up to be sure that the terms are completed as required by the court.